DEMOMY is a site for collectors to showcase their collection in an organized way. It is interesting to see that collectibles being sold online are well organized and categorized. However, after people bought them, there is no similar tool available for the collectors. As the collection grows, it often becomes increasingly difficult for the owners to organize and showcase all the items. After thousands of dollars spent, those items can only wait for the right moment to shine. Personally, I think those collections deserve a lot more exposure. It would be mutual beneficial for both the owners and spectators to find a common place for showcasing.

DEMOMY provides a very detailed input panel for users to enter their item information. By entering those details, not only you will realize the existence of different types collectibles but you will also become more familiar with your items. We even included a private note function so you can keep information that you do not want to share with the public (such as service records or personal memo) to yourself.

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